SK: Breeders around Northwest Indiana?

Jessy Smith quackers1226 at
Wed Jun 18 13:28:35 PDT 2008

    My hubby and I have been considering skunk ownership off and on the last 2 years.  I used to have ferrets but after the last one passed I just can't go down that road again.  I am, however, hoping that a pet skunk would fill in the missing link in our little family.  Any ideas on breeders around here?  Internet searches bring up absolutely nothing.  We would prefer to be able to visit somewhere a couple times to a get a feel for the animal as well as make sure we found a good fit.  Anything I should know beforehand either about breeders or skunk behavior?  I have done lots of reading but wonder if there is anything i have missed.  Thanks for reading!


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