SK: Skunk with Bad Back...

Tiffany Paulin tiff at
Mon Jun 9 12:35:07 PDT 2008

We went to the vet just as soon as we could get in.

Actually are vet was amazing and had no problems at all with  
Pandora.  Pandora is not good with strangers so watching the vet  
handle her was amazing.

They took x-rays and discovered that she has a spinal issue, some bad  
disks and arthritis in her mid-back.  They prescribed a pain killer/ 
anti-inflammatory called metacam.

So far so good.  We are putting in ramps so that she is not denied  
some of her favorite spots like the couch and the bed.  No stairs at  
all.  Stairs aggravate her back problems and quite possibly caused  
her back problem.  She loves going up and down the stairs and the  
coming down puts a lot of pressure on her back.  So... to those of  
you that have stairs in your home it might be a wise idea to not let  
your skunk go down them too often.

If anyone else has been through this please let me know your  
experience.  We love our little Pandora and hope that she lasts a lot  
longer.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.


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