SK: FYI....Attention those in Georgia and nearby

Renford Foxx renfordfoxx at
Tue Jul 22 05:58:46 PDT 2008

These statements are absolutely not fair or even remotely accurate. 
Shame on Shelor for spreading such gross misinformation! She is
intentionally trying to scare Georgia skunk owners into thinking they
are going to lose their skunks.

What Shelor has written doesn't sound like the folks I know with the GA DNR. So I wrote them and this is the response I got back:

Dear Mr. Foxx,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the possession of striped skunks
as pets in Georgia. Please allow me to share with you the law and the
reason confusion exists regarding possessions of striped skunks as
pets in Georgia.

Pursuant to OCGA §27-1-3(77), `wildlife' means any vertebrate or
invertebrate animal life indigenous to this state. Despite that
striped skunks naturally exhibit color variations such as the location
and number of stripes, white patches (stars), stripe color (e.g.,
cream, brown, black, white), melanism and albinism, striped skunks
(Mephitis mephitis), regardless of origin or color, are defined as
wildlife indigenous to Georgia. With only a few explicit and
unrelated exceptions, Georgia law (OCGA 27-1-28) prohibits the
possession of wildlife as pets.

It appears that some confusion exists regarding the possession of
color variant striped skunks as pets in Georgia. The origin of this
confusion seems to stem from the late 1990's. In that era, it appears
that clarification was requested from the Department regarding the
possession of color variant striped skunks for two exhibit shows held
in Georgia in 1997 and 1998. As some people would attend these shows
from other states where striped skunks may be possessed as pets, the
Department provided guidance that such persons would be allowed to
possess striped skunks and color variant striped skunks for that
temporary purpose.

Since that time, for unknown reasons, there was incorrect application
of that guidance inconsistent with state law. Unfortunately, this
resulted in an assumption that the Department had a policy that
allowed any person to possess color variant striped skunks as pets in
Georgia. However, in a review of our files, no policy exists that
allows the possession of color variant striped skunks as pets. And, in
our determination, such a policy would be inconsistent and contrary to
state law as herein provided. If you have any information that is
contrary, we would greatly appreciate you providing copies of such
information to us.

In effort to bring consistency to the application of state law and
provide final clarification to this issue, we initiated a review of
the law and began gathering information that included contacting Ruby
Fur Farm and obtaining information on the sale of striped skunks in
Georgia. In this effort, information was exchanged that state law
prohibits the possession of striped skunks as pets in Georgia.

Recognizing that there are likely to be several individuals who
possess color variant striped skunks, it is our intent to minimize the
harm on these individuals. In this spirit, the Department is
developing a grandfathering timeframe and process that will allow
these individuals to maintain possession of the color variant striped
skunks they have acquired. We will provide the details of this
process later this summer and would greatly appreciate any assistance
that you can offer.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please direct them to
Todd Nims, Special Permit Unit at 770-761-3044.

Mark Whitney

if folks would check they would find out that the DNR is trying to do
right by the folks that already have skunks and they most certainly
don't have one guy making all of the decisions.


--- SkunkLady2 at wrote:

> Not good news.....
> The new head of the Georgia DNR, Todd Limms, has put
> a new POLICY into 
> place....skunks are completely and unequivocally
> illegal in Georgia.  He has blocked 
> Ruby Farms from shipping into Georgia, period. 
> Limms has contacted all the 
> pet shops who did business with Ruby's and
> threatened legal action should they 
> get any in.
> When Randy suggested that the new policy could
> easily be corrected and place 
> into LAW, Limms said it would take too long.
> Jane could and DID battle successfully that POLICY
> is not LAW, so 
> it CAN be done.
> SUPPOSEDLY, those who already have skunks in Georgia
> will be given a special 
> permit, but that no more will ever be legal.
> Ideas?  Suggestions?  


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