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> Any advice is greatly appreciated
> answers most of your questions and has a long list of 
vets who are 'skunk experienced'....and experience in dealing with skunks if 
VITAL to success.  Skunks are extremely sensitive animals and the wrong 
medications or wrong doses kill them fast.  Many meds that are perfectly safe for dogs 
and cats are fatal to skunks.

Imrab3 is safe for the skunk, but grants you ZERO LEGAL PROTECTION.  Should a 
bite even be reported, your skunk will be confiscated and 
questions, no reprieves.

Skunks are succeptible to ALL canine and ALL feline diseases.
Galaxy DA2PPvL+Cv is all the canine in one injection and Eclipse 4 is all the 
feline in one injection.

Some states issue educational's worth investigation where 
you are.
Shelor Brumbeloe
Skunks As Pets, Inc.
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