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Wed Jan 23 11:16:55 PST 2008

I don't know what's in metaflumizone but no way would I use this stuff on a 
dog. NO WAY. 

Not just because of the potential problem for the DOG in an adverse reaction 
-- but no way would I want to be exposed to the amitraz just in petting the 

I'm sure it's got a horrid scent -- I've handled tons of the stuff- - I 
always wore huge thick rubber gloves past my elbows -- open windows. etc. and *I* 
always felt sick after I had to dip Muffin. 

I've seen it kill. It's nasty nasty stuff. It has it's uses -- but man, can 
they react badly to it. So can the humans. 

I'm not kidding and I want to make a HUGE point of it -- DON'T HANDLE THIS 
STUFF if you are diabetic yourself, or if you are taking MAO Inhibitors (like 
Prozac or the like). 

I know how hidden these warnings tend to be in the Amitraz/Mitaban literature 
-- but man, the first vet that sold me Amitraz all those years ago MADE ME 

And btw -- yes, this stuff goes into the bloodstream -- I've seen dogs be 
Unbelievably lethargic after getting dipped. I've honestly seen dogs die.  It 
zooms right in to the bloodstream."

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