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Wed Jan 23 11:16:55 PST 2008

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There are no words to describe the shock that I feel right now. There arent 
many people in the world that were as special as Ginny Laut. She was one of the 
most caring, giving, loving people that I have had the priviledge to know. 
Ginny was always there for anyone with a skunk in need, regardless of what time 
it was or who the person was. Ginny helped us so many times when one of our 
skunks was sick or injured. I watched Ginny in her former skunk group lead a 
very diverse group of people and band them together to build a fund to help out 
skunks in need. I watched as all of this was taken from her and know how sad 
this made her. Ginny rose again to lead Skunkhollow until she decided that she 
needed to step down and pass the torch to others but her love of skunks never 
waivered. It is a sad day in the skunk world and I wish there was something to 
do to honor Ginny for everything she was and did. I know that Ginny is being 
greeted by hundreds of skunks as well as other animals that were in her life at 
the rainbow bridge. There is great celeration that they are with her again. 
My prayers go out to Bruce and the rest of Ginnys family at this very sad time. 
Rest in peace dear Ginny. It is indeed a very das day.

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