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Upon reading your comment about the tear duct/hair follicle test for skunks, who has been notified as to the validity of these tests? Also why aren't more vets involved in helping to change the minds of the idiots? 

I was watching how this government works in Washington the other night. They are granting monies to save the black foot ferret and granting monies to kill praire dogs. Both live inthe same venue side by side.

What is the reasoning? Also the export skunks to Japan and England, what about the rabies concern there? 

Please answer who thest tests were sent to


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> if they have been quarentined 

That's one of the things we have BEGGED for for at least the last 20 years, 
while I've been involved!!!  DEATH is the ultimate discrimination against our 
skunks!!!!  We have also begged that the hair follicle and the tear duct tests 
be used on skunks instead of slaughtering them!!  You see just how much 
attention we've been paid.  "Those tests are considered to be invalid for 
skunks"...........oh really?  How and why?  No one will answer that one.


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