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Yes, Michigan requires that a potential skunk owner first obtain information from the DNR office? about getting a cage permit. After the cage is built according to the specifications, a permit will be issued. The skunk owner then can purchase a skunk from a licensed Michigan breeder. The breeder is required to see the purchaser's permit and record the permit number.

I don't know of any Michigan breeders that will have babies this year yet, but there is always a chance to adopt a rescue from a breeder or other individual with a legal permit. We are permitted to transfer a skunk to another person who holds a valid permit and?agrees to file a report about obtaining the skunk?with the DNR.?It can't hurt to check. 

The DNR office may have a limited? number of breeders listed, however, most breeders prefer not to have their business listed. It makes them too much of a target for people who don't want them to be in business selling baby skunks. There was a really?major breeder here for decades up through the 90s and he was forced out of business, pretty much making it impossible to get a baby skunk in this state. This breeder used to have almost as many baby skunks as Ruby's did. It was a great place to visit.

Along with the cage requirements, it does not give individuals much incentive to breed skunks in this state. I hope that changes some day soon.

In the meantime, get your permit and educate yourself about owning a skunk. It doesn't hurt to be prepared.

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I BELIEVE Michigan law requires purchase ONLY from Michigan breeders.

Good luck!!


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