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very sad,prayers here. dar
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> From Cheryl's husband, Rick.
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> There are no words to describe the shock that I feel right now. There 
> arent
> many people in the world that were as special as Ginny Laut. She was one 
> of the
> most caring, giving, loving people that I have had the priviledge to know.
> Ginny was always there for anyone with a skunk in need, regardless of what 
> time
> it was or who the person was. Ginny helped us so many times when one of 
> our
> skunks was sick or injured. I watched Ginny in her former skunk group lead 
> a
> very diverse group of people and band them together to build a fund to 
> help out
> skunks in need. I watched as all of this was taken from her and know how 
> sad
> this made her. Ginny rose again to lead Skunkhollow until she decided that 
> she
> needed to step down and pass the torch to others but her love of skunks 
> never
> waivered. It is a sad day in the skunk world and I wish there was 
> something to
> do to honor Ginny for everything she was and did. I know that Ginny is 
> being
> greeted by hundreds of skunks as well as other animals that were in her 
> life at
> the rainbow bridge. There is great celeration that they are with her 
> again.
> My prayers go out to Bruce and the rest of Ginnys family at this very sad 
> time.
> Rest in peace dear Ginny. It is indeed a very das day.
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