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Thu Feb 21 17:01:39 PST 2008

I think if people are willing to provide care, (and/or permit fees) they should be able to own what they want provided that the animal is kept safe and people are kept safe.  I hate when I hear stories on how a gentle pet  (insert any animal species here) bit some one, and you find out that they bit them because they were rough-housing with the animal, or poking them in the mouth.  Animals shouldn't be illegal due to human stupidity and ignorance.  

The law making skunks illegal to own here in Kansas was passed in the early 80's.  It was legal to own big cats until a couple of years ago with only reasonable permit fees.  After a high school senior thought it would be cool to take senior pictures with a tiger and it killed
 her, laws quickly changed.   Now you can still own big cats in certain counties as long as you have a ridiculous insurance (in the hundred of thousands of dollars) policy taken out on each animal.  This makes it nearly impossible for someone to own a big cat anymore, but they still can if they have the cash.  But you still cannot own a skunk, raccoon, fox, or squirrel, but you can own an alligator and big cats.  Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

I'm tired of just being able to buy skunk stuff.  I want a couple of fur kids running around my house!   I want to move out of the state of Kansas that I love very much just so I can own a skunk. . . and pay the new state to let me have one.  I'd rather stay here, paying KS taxes, and pay KS a permit fee for a domestic skunk.  You would think a state would want my money.

I guess I have
 a few questions.  Does only help out IL as of now, or is it a national attempt?  I think it is a great idea and motivation tool to get others involved.  Is there anyone else in KS that has tried or is willing to try fighting to get these little guys legal here?  Most of the time I feel like I'm the only person in KS that has ever heard of skunks as pets, and I certainly know the government has never heard of domesticated skunks.  Does anyone have a legal 
definition/clarification on what constitutes a domestic animal?  I would like to see how different a legal definition of domestication and our definition of domestic skunks really are from their standards.

When I contacted KS wildlife, fish and game about owning skunks they said they double checked and they are illegal to own as pets here and sent me this legislature:

  28-1-14. Rabies control in wildlife animals. (a) The possession or sale of striped or spotted skunks, civit cats, raccoons, foxes and coyotes for keeping of these animals as pets shall be prohibited. 
      (b) removal of musk glands of skunks and civit cats for purposes of attempted domestications shall be prohibited.
      (c) Attempts to immunize skunks, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, and other wildlife animals known to be involved in the transmission of rabies shall be prohibited.(d) sections (a) and (b) above shall not apply to bonafide zoological parks or research institutions. (authorized by an implementing K.S.A. 1982 Supp. 65-101, effective May 1, 1982; amended may 1, 1983.)

Thanks for your time

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