SK: Skunk owners outside the US

dominique durbin driller_dominique at
Wed Feb 20 16:11:33 PST 2008

??? did I miss something? what tests? 
In a message dated 2/20/2008 5:47:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
mfbpac2 at writes:

> if they have been quarentined 

That's one of the things we have BEGGED for for at least the last 20 years, 
while I've been involved!!!  DEATH is the ultimate discrimination against our 
skunks!!!!  We have also begged that the hair follicle and the tear duct tests 
be used on skunks instead of slaughtering them!!  You see just how much 
attention we've been paid.  "Those tests are considered to be invalid for 
skunks"...........oh really?  How and why?  No one will answer that one.


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