SK: Going to from Ohio to Iowa to get little stinkers in the Spring, will...

SkunkLady2 at SkunkLady2 at
Tue Feb 12 13:45:43 PST 2008

Please be EXTREMELY careful going through illegal states now that you've gone 
public with your plans.  You could be stopped and the kits confiscated and 
killed.  Your signature gives more than enough information for officials to get 
your car make/model/license number and Driver's License number.  I promise 
you, it could happen!

Yep, it sounds horrible, but there are lurkers here.....people who are NOT 
nice and don't have the best in mind for us or our skunks...people who take 
great pleasure in damaging the 'skunk world'...and we have also had Government 
authorities of varying offices here at times.

These nasty facts hold true on all the Skunk Lists.  Caution and care should 
ALWAYS be taken against giving too much information.


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