SK: Specific Legal Clarification Needed Desperately

SkunkLady2 at SkunkLady2 at
Tue Feb 12 13:39:26 PST 2008

skunks are a rabies vector species and that is the problem. 

WILD skunks are considered to be such.  DOMESTIC/PEN-RAISED skunks should not 
be.  There is no carrier state for rabies.  We've had our skunks longer than 
8 days.  There are only two ways to contract rabies:  being bitten by a rabid 
animal or eating carrion that was rabid.  Since I doubt anyone has rabid-dead 
meat laying around......and our skunks are inside companions....they do NOT 
have rabies.

This is yet ANOTHER reason that we MUST get a distinct, LEGAL differentiation 
between wild skunks and domestic skunks or we will NEVER stand a chance!  Our 
skunks are NOT wildlife and have not 
been for 200 years!!!


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