SK: Going to from Ohio to Iowa to get little stinkers in the Spring, willing to transport

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Tue Feb 12 13:21:21 PST 2008

In the spring/summer I'm planning a trip to Iowa to pick out my own furbaby.? I've heard that the commercial farm there is one of the best places to go.? I spoke with them in the fall and priced out black/whites descented kits at $100 each.?? In order to cover the expenses of the trip and to cover the needs of many local skunky friends I've decided to pick up furbabies for those who are able to meet me along the way to get theirs from me.? I'll be charging $100 for the trip per furbaby, along with the $100 cost for the baby, so $200 total.? I'm charging this much because I'll have to not only pay the price of gas, but I'll also be bribing a friend to ride along with me so the kits are monitored at all times.? I'll likely make several stops along the way to insure everyone has full bellies, clean litter, and a well padded bed.? :)? 

If anyone is interested please let me know.? I'll be making the trip from Ohio to Iowa on major highways, the route is negotiable based on who's interested, and will be decided based on this factor and reducing stress to both myself and the babies.? 

No worries, this isn't a scam, just a grad student trying to cover her own expenses as well a natural line of service from my help transporting rescues, and as well as providing a well needed service to those who may not have to luxury of making a weekend 20 hour trip...? 

Please feel free to e-mail me any questions or concerns you might have.? 

Catharine M. Gagnon
The Ohio State University, BA '06, BA'06
Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law, '09

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