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Please go here and enter comments.We are the hot topic in the state right now. Still, I want more! I want fox news calling by the end of the day.I got two emails from congress people today, THE BILL IS GOING ON THE FLOOR!.
This is our chance. I need everyone to post a comment. Americans are sick of restriction laws and will back us. I will not stop here. Dylan is working on now, most of it is up. We will be going to WA next, And I will wait to hear from Laura on AZ. I also have a good friend and very active animal advocate in Nevada at REXANO. 
Everyone, please go here and post something! PLEASE!!!

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Hi Dominique,
I emailed you from Arizona.  I am not sure of the law back in 1986.  I just got Rosebud without even realizing there might have been a problem.  I think at the time because she was brown not black I did not have a problem.  vedablack skunks were not allowed.  When I talked to game and fish here in Maricopa county he said I could get one and take my chances but it would break my heart to have a pet taken away so I haven't  checked any further.  As I said she was wonderful.  We had her spayed, kept her nails SHORT so she couldn't dig and she was wonderful.  I don't know who to contact here but I will do some checking.
I kept her inside and only took her out with a leash as she was trained to that.  
Laura Frahm
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Thank you for your email. I have discussed this matter with a few of us 'city girl'  type legislators who have received your request and we are having  a bill drafted. 
Before we file the bill however, I would be curious to know the history of why having a skunk as a pet was ever removed? Any historical perspective you can provide would be appreciated. 
Sara Feigenholtz
Please add to this ammendmet a motion to strike the following  underlined sentance in the illinois wildlife code
(520 ILCS 5/3.25) (from Ch. 61, par. 3.25) which currently reads:  
No furbearing mammal breeder permits will be issued to hold, possess, or engage in the breeding and raising of striped skunks acquired after July 1, 1975, or coyotes acquired after July 1, 1978, except for coyotes that are held or possessed by a person who holds a hound running area permit under Section 3.26 of this Act. 

Please help relegalize domestic skunks as pets.
Thank You,
Dominique Durbin
R.R. 2 Box 59 A
Farina, IL 62838
618 780-1727

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