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  Hi, I live in Arizona and in 1986 I got a baby skunk from Missouri .  We had Rosebud for 9 years.  She was the best pet I have ever had.  I want another skunk and have been told they are no longer allowed here.  Maybe they ween't then but I had no trouble.  She went to the vet and I tool her with me everywhere.  Can I help?
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> <<<Our site to promote the legalization of domestic skunks across the US will 
> be up and fully operational Sunday just after church. Our first battleground 
> is in my home state of Illinois, but we have been asked to take on Washington 
> state next. 
> I was dissapointed with the read only vs read and send message ratio at 
> congress dot org. I am only showing 15% of people who visit take action. That means 
> out of 100 visitors, I am getting 28 to 36 messages sent. SO, WHAT DO I 
> DO????� I have built the bomb!!! And 
> guess what, you can use it nomatter where you are from.  
> We are proud to be unvailing the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. With one click 
> on a send button, you will be able to send a message to every single 
> legislator in the state at the same time. We will even have sample text that can be 
> copied and pasted for people who support us, but do not know all of the issues 
> at hand. All you will have to do is enter your name, address, email address 
> AND, if you want your message to go to every major newspaper in Illinois as a 
> letter to the editor, you only need to include your phone number. We're talking 
> about reaching out and touching 300 people with one click. That means 
> instead of 64 to 82 messages per day, we will be in the 1000+ range per day. >
> >>
> If you want to try it out before Sunday,  driller_dominique at  can 
> email you a special link.
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