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This is being forwarded or crossed posted to other groups…This is urgent for 
the wildlife of Florida ..Letters need to be written fast.

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Subject: [RR6] Urgent : proposed rule change for Florida wildlife
The FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)is having 
a public meeting today and tomorrow in Panama City 
Beach and among the items on the agenda is a proposed rule change 
regarding nuisance wildlife. 
If this is accepted, all animals removed by a nuisance trapper must 
be euthanized. I don't think this is fair or right and feel that most 
people who care about animals would object to it. If you object to 
this new rule, please let the commissioners know before it's too 
late. I have obtained email addresses for the FWC commissioners and 
have listed them here.

Commissioners at 
Kathy Barco: kbarco at 
Ronald Bergeron: corporatekim at
Dwight Stephenson: dwight at
Kenneth Wright: kwright at
Brian Yablonski: Brian.yablonski at

Most of them check their email often, so maybe it's not too late to 
effect a change. It may have a stronger effect if you email each one 

This is a link to the agenda :
This is the wording of the actual rule: 
(a) Live captured nuisance wildlife transported under authority of 
this section may be done only for the purpose of euthanizing the 
nuisance wildlife, provided any euthanasia shall be humane as defined 
by the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. Euthanasia of 
those species listed in 68A-6.0022(2) is not required.

(b) Live captured nuisance wildlife may be released on the property 
of the landowner provided the release site and capture site are 
located on one contiguous piece of property.

The following is a copy of the letter I sent to them. I'm sure you 
can do better. 

Dear Ms. Barco,
As a wildlife rehabilitator, I am concerned about the new ruling 
being proposed by the Florida 
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, specifically Rule: 68A-
9.010 regarding taking nuisance wildlife. As a concerned citizen and 
professional, I feel that forcing the euthanasia of all animals 
removed by nuisance trappers is wrong for many reasons. I do 
understand that some animals cannot be released and euthanasia is the 
only option for them, but many raccoons, opossums, and squirrels are 
simply in the wrong place and can be relocated. Many of the animals 
that I successfully rehabilitate and release are brought to me by 
nuisance trappers. The majority of their clients do not want the 
animal to die, they just don't want it in their house. I feel that if 
this rule is passed, it will not only be a death sentence for those 
animals (and their innocent non- nuisance babies) but that many 
people will take matters into their own hands. The public is ill 
equipped to deal with wild animals, but many will try, and put 
themselves at risk. Please consider revising this rule. I think that 
the majority of citizens and animal care professionals would not 
agree with this new rule. Thank you for listening, sincerely, Lindy 

Lindy Williams
lindywil at
Wildlife Rehabilitator
Orlando, FL Orange County
(407) 719-6508
12 years exp. as Certified Veterinary Technician 
Rehabilitation of raccoons, opossums, birds (esp. crows), squirrels and rats
Transportation of all wildlife including birds of prey
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the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
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