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I'm sure you'll hear that most people seem to turn to Ruby Farms for their 
babies, and I don't know if they would have anything at this time.  
Here are some websites I have found particularly helpful.  Ruby Farms is in New 
Sharon, Iowa (614-672-2067) -  I hope you the best of luck.  
They are wonderful pets!

I'm not sure if all these links work.

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Alright, yes I've heard they're available pretty much exclusively in June-July. 
BUT me and my mother are mourning the loss of our lizard Sheeba.  I think she's 
sick of these little caged animals dying every few years and wants something 
that will live longer. My psychologist talked to me about it today, and then 
said he knew someone not too far from here who had a skunk! And that it was a 
really cool pet and almost cat-like. Why we would consider a skunk instead of a 
cat or dog? My step-dad. He's allergic to cats and dogs, HOWEVER we have been to 
the zoo and fed giraffes, so we know he's not allergic to all animals. Although 
we can't get a giraffe. :P But yeah I think just cats and dogs.
I live in Suffolk County, on Long Island in New York. Exotics are illegal in the 
five boroughs, however I am not close to them so I don't have to worry. I think 
we need to get a permit however. How would I get this?
But before I even get into that, I'd need to know if it's possible to get a 
skunk at this point and where to get one. If anyone could help, that would be 
great. We don't care about appearence or gender. If one is available, we'll see 
if we can get one. 
Also any personal tips from skunk owners would be great. 
Thanks in advance.
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