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Yes, there are very small, private breeders in Michigan (maybe 1 or two litters each per year.) I'm sorry, but I don't know of any private breeders that will have babies this year. There used to be a very big breeder in this state, but he was shut down a few years ago due to complaints that?originated from out of state. His stock was sold to other breeders out of state and out of the country. (Yep, some very big out of state breeders have what was once Michigan stock.) Because of well-intentioned people interferring with catastrophic results, no one wants to advertise their location or even if they breed skunks and risk their livelihoods and skunks.

Sorry. If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

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I'm sure that there are skunk breeders in Michigan, but i cannot connect with 
them! Frustrated.
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