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Tue Apr 22 14:02:17 PDT 2008

Just got this and figured I better pass along just in case....

Subject: please read 

This is a very important message to my family & friends who have 
dogs-cats--and to alert you to the hazard of using a new Flea & Tick Preventative called 
ProMeris . 
> This is a new product designed to be a more effective product than other 
flea/tick treatments that was just released this year. It is available thru a 
vet and not currently on-line. I got ProMeris this week for my 7 dogs (6 Huskies 
& 1 Golden-Airedale) , and the results were debilitating for nearly all of 
them-including me. Since my incident this week, my vet has pulled it from 
distribution and alerted the manufacturer, Fort Dodge . 
Here ar e my results: Within less than 2 hours after applying, 4 of my dogs 
had vomited from 2-4 times, 3 were disoriented and stumbling, 1 was dragging 
his back leg, 1 was salivating. I had very similar symptoms like an allergic 
reaction-my lips were swollen, eyes very red, mucous membranes such as eyes, 
nose, and mouth were stinging. I was very disoriented- dizzy equilibrium and not 
able to drive. To make this a short story-all 7 of my dogs were admitted to 
the hospital for veterinarian care, and 3 of them remained for care, IV fluids 
and observation for 24 hours. I was in the emergency room. I'm home now and so 
are the dogs. We're all feeling much better. Vet bills were over $2,500 and 
Fort Dodge is paying for these. Not only can the product cause this reaction, 
it has a highly noxious odor that permeated the house and is just starting to 
dissipate after 3 days.  Your dogs/cats might not have the same reaction, but 
given my experience-I wanted to help you all become well-educated about the 

Another Post 

"Oh lovely -- let's take a proven carcnogen that's literally outlawed in MANY 
states and make it a staple in a new flea med!!  Promeris has two drugs in it 
-- metaflumizone and amitraz.  metaflumizone is a 'new' drug -- and I haven't 
read enough about it yet to 
know how absorbed it is or anything. But I can tell you a TON about amitraz! 
Amitraz is what's in Mitaban and Tacktic (they use that on farm animals to 
kill parasites) 

The problem with Amitraz is that it messes with the insulin levels of the 
you can't touch amitraz if you have diabetes or if you take MAO-inhibitors -- 
nor can you give it to a diabetic animal. 

You shouldn't touch amitraz period ... not at all, not ever. I wouldn't want 
to PET a dog with amitraz on it. It's a known carcinogen. Big time. 

My english cocker Muffin -- the one who died of renal failure -- my vet 
figures his mast cell cancer was *caused* by the frequent mitaban use Muffin went 
thru because of the demodex he had. The primary mast cell tumor was in his foot 
-- where he would have absorbed the amitraz from standing in the dip. 

There are a lot of states that won't allow amitraz to be SOLD to owners. If 
you want your dog to be treated with amitraz for demodex the vet has to do it 
-- very few states actually allow amitraz to be dispensed to an owner. How Ft. 
Dodge is getting around this I don't know. 

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