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> > they would not approve of the little incision it
> takes to remove the two 
> > scent glands. 
> Done at the proper time, between 3 and 4 weeks,
> there IS NO incision and no 
> stress to the kit!  It is totally humane.  Of course
> I AM speaking of 
> domestic/pen-raised skunks.  Wild skunks should stay
> in the wild with all the other 
> wildlife.....that's why the word is WILDlife!
> : D  Old Shelor

Then there was Mycroft. Wild orphaned four week old
late season baby... But he really was an exception.
Most will find Momma again, and learn more on how to
live in the wild. Some of us on this list, I think
most of us, could take in an orphan, raise it to be
independent, and successfully re-introduce it into the
wild. I hadn't much space, and no experience at that
time. I did the best I could, from reading books, and
consulting people on this list.

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