SK: Loopholes/workarounds?

TIMOTHY ECHOLS timleonyx at
Tue May 22 09:04:20 PDT 2007

# 1. You can domesticate ANY mammal if you acquire it early enough, and only breed gentle parents; and voila, in a few generations(or years), you have your so-called domesticated pet. It's been demonstrated on fox fur ranches-such as with a few unwanted colour changes(black&white),along with curled tails, and floppy ears, which made them useless to the fur industry. The same thing is happening to the minks& skunks; CRAZY COLOURS- Domestication is a double-edged sword...

# 2. YOU don't know EVERYTHING!! I have looked high& low for ANY reference to spotted skunks in Indiana, and for the life of me I can't find ANY reference to them ever being there, let alone on some "Threatened-Endangered Species-List!  

SkunkLady2 at wrote: 
> an African zorilla(Ictonyx striatus)? It is a dead ringer for our American 
> skunks

It strongly favors our Spotted Skunk, that's for sure, but is nothing like 
the Striped Skunk which is in domestication. 

Websearchs for African Zorilla...and...Spotted Skunk...and...
Striped Skunk is thoroughly enjoyable and informative.  : )


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