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> I run a preschool and think that being able to show kids how great skunks
> can be as pets would be a service not only to the children, but to skunks
> as well.

Many of us do lectures at schools and libraries, etc  and have for many 
years, but it takes EXTREME precautions before arrival 
and while there, to protect the kids and the skunks.  Children snack, even at 
school, and little hands SMELL wonderful to skunks.  Baby skunks haven't 
learned yet to differentiate the human scent
beneath those lovely snack smells and bites can occur.
Parents tend to get bent ALL out of shape is DARLING
is nipped, especially be a NASTY SKUNK!!  And all it 
takes is one official word.....and your skunk is taken from
you and slaughtered. 

I always discussed all this well in advance with the principal
AND the teacher.....and again with the teacher before even
taking the carrier/s into the classroom.  If necessary, I waited
while they all had their hands washed THEN.

Then the kids and I chatted for a while getting everyone calm and quiet and 
still.  We discuss "Who likes marshmellows?"  "Who likes broccoli?"  "Who likes 
snuggling with Mom?" "Who likes playing chase with Dad?"  "Who likes baths?"  
"Who likes to sleep in a big bed?" .....etc... "Well guess what?   SO DO 

Only then did I bring out a skunk and take questions....(the skunk was never 
EVER allowed on the floor for many reasons!)...then I would have those who 
wanted to stroke my animal to line up and 
one at a time, stroke THE BACK of the skunk while I held it up 
on my chest/shoulder like a baby...with the head over my shoulder AWAY from 
the child.  No multiple hands, no grabbing, no head/face stroking at all.  It 
is NEVER worth the chance!

I LOVE children.....I LOVE skunks......and I LOVE teaching about 
skunks.......but skunks and children together can be a VERY, VERY touchy situation.


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