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  Hurray!  Thank you!

Is there any skunk owners out there from Colorado that have any tips on
ways to own them legally here?  I do really want one, but don't want to
break any laws... no matter how silly I personally believe them to be... I
have found a local vet willing to treat and care for a skunk if I can find
a way to do it.

I run a preschool and think that being able to show kids how great skunks
can be as pets would be a service not only to the children, but to skunks
as well. The more people learn how great they can be, the sooner it will
be that anyone who wants a domestic skunk can have one... Currently we
have a Zedonk, which has opened a lot of eyes locally because most people
don't even know they exist until they see it.

I think I can offer the perfect home for a skunk because I'm always here
(I run my preschool out of part of our home). A skunk could be petted as
much as they wanted and when they've had enough affection they can go to
the area of our home that is just our home (like my dogs do now). I
require the children to be gentle and kind with all animals no matter how
large or small. Being able to nurture an animal is important in children's
lives, especially for boys who don't get as much practice nurturing
"babies" as little girls do.

The skunk we had when I was little got along great with our dog, so I'm
not too worried about that cause our dogs are very gentle. But if any one
has any input they would want to share please feel free. When we leave our
dogs have their own room they stay in with access to the back yard. We
figured the skunk would need a separate area away from the dogs when we
are gone (just to be safe!!!) but that shouldn't be very hard to set up.

I'd appreciate input from any one. :o)

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