SK: Loopholes/workarounds?

Mindy Sagmoen mindysagmoen at
Mon May 14 12:14:14 PDT 2007

Hi Rachelle,
I have the same problem here in Colorado, so if you figure out a way
around or through it, please let me know. I had my husband convinced on
getting me a skunk for an anniversary gift in July, then found out they
are illegal here too. I was shocked because we had a skunk as a pet when I
was a child.... the mother skunk had gotten into the chicken house and the
farm dog killed her.... we found the baby when he crawled out half
starved. We took him home and fed him and from then on he was our skunk.
He'd go in and out with the dog and was such a wonderful pet for us kids.
He never seemed to tire of us petting or loving on him. I wanted my kids
to experience those same things with a skunk now... but now I'm not sure
that is going to happen. It just makes me so sad, because I know what
great animals and great pets they are.  The one we had when I was little
wasn't even descented but it really wasn't ever a problem (unless someone
else brought a dog over that didn't know he was part of our family... then
they would get sprayed ... but thankfully it never happened inside!)
Again, please keep me posted....

Also... I joined the mailing list but didn't see a way to mail every one
at once.... did you have to mail everyone separately? Just trying to get
this figured out, I've never joined a mailing list before...



> Hi, I've wanted a pet skunk for about 15 years now,
> after I saw a lady come to my elementary school and
> teach us about different animals.  One of those that
> she brought with her was a skunk.  Ever since then
> I've been hooked.  The problem is that I live in
> Kansas.  Years ago I contacted Parks and WIldlife and
> they told me that it was illegal to own any animal in
> Kansas that is native to Kansas.  I know there is
> always some way around pet laws.  I was wondering if
> anyone had any suggestions on where to start.
> To the best of my knowledge, only black and white
> skunks can be found in the wild here, so could I maybe
> get away with other colors?
> Last year I found something that I thought would work
> by applying for a game breeder license, USDA license,
> and a furharveting license (of course I wouldn't
> actually take their pelts) but the Wildlife department
> never got back to me.  Has anyone tried working around
> the law like this?
> Or is there some kind of educator's permit or exhibit
> permit that would legally grant me possession of a
> skunk?
> I think it's pretty stupid that you are allowed to own
> tigers and monkeys but you can't own a skunk.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rachelle
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