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Fri Mar 30 04:29:40 PDT 2007

Dear rescuers;
I just received a call back from a representative of the FDA, in response to 
a message I had left with their office this past Friday afternoon.  I spoke 
with a very nice woman there, who informed me that if we have any complaints of 
our animals becoming ill, or dying from ANY kind of dog or cat foods, that 
we need to log on to: , 
and then click on Consumer Complaints Coordinator: , 
and then find your State.   
Then find the correlating phone number for your State, and call to report 
your pets illness or death to that number for your own State.  She told me that 
this really the only way that the FDA will really know exactly how many animals 
are being affected by the tainted foods, and if other foods (like some dry 
foods) might also actually be affected.  
She also told me, that if you suspect you are having a problem with any of 
the dry cat or dog foods making your animals ill, that this is the only way an 
investigation will be opened on those particular foods.  She told me that as of 
today, she had not heard of any animals dying from any of the dry pet foods, 
and so I went on to explain to her how many emails I had been seeing and 
receiving, where many consumers believe that some of the brands of the dry pet 
foods have also been affecting their animals.  She sounded very surprised, and 
again stated that this NEEDS to be reported to your various local State FDA 
complaint divisions phone numbers. 
I just hope that I have explained all of this, so that it sounds clear 
enough to all of you, as I felt I needed to get the word out right away, so that we 
can get the ball rolling on this. 
This is not meant to cause any kind of a panic, but as I stated earlier, 
I have been seeing so many emails, where people suspect that some of the dry 
foods could also possibly making their animals ill. 
Please feel free to cross post!

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