SK: Skunks Digest, Vol 27, Issue 2

S.B. sb at
Fri Mar 23 12:22:40 PDT 2007

Good idea about the sugar snap peas. I'll give it a try when I can find 
them. Peanut butter is a favorite, covering a vegetable with it didn't 

Thanks for the good ideas.


On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Megan wrote:

> Mine always loved sugar snap peas...what about soaking them in something 
> sweet that he likes that he can't lick off like gatorade or a salad 
> dressing (which is wiped off alittle so he tries a bite).
> Can you chop them up really small so he doesn't even know he's eating 
> them and mix it w/ the meat or cottage cheese?

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