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Thu Mar 22 16:47:38 PDT 2007

Mine always loved sugar snap peas...what about soaking them in something sweet that he likes that he can't lick off like gatorade or a salad dressing (which is wiped off alittle so he tries a bite).  

Can you chop them up really small so he doesn't even know he's eating them and mix it w/ the meat or cottage cheese?


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I can't find any veggies that my little guy will eat. He's big on chicken, 
meat, and peanuts but won't eat any vegetables that I put out for him.

He turns up his nose at lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, 
or cucumber.

I've even tried smearing peanut butter on the vegetables just to get him 
to try them. All he'll do is lick off the peanut butter.

Any ideas what I can do to get him eating his veggies?

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