SK: Skunk in Oklahoma

cocorific cocorific at
Sat Jun 30 15:07:19 PDT 2007

May I interject on this subject, if it wasn't for this wonderful woman, I
wouldn't have two skunks in my home today.  A life's dream come true for me,
and I appreciate all her candor and help.
IMHO she knows what she speaks of and I hope she never lets the less
knowledgeable silence her.   Hahaha, I know she won't...

On 6/30/07, TIMOTHY ECHOLS <timleonyx at> wrote:
> Here we go again...It's BORING already...I have a right to my opinion& my
> way of life-the same as you. If it were left up to you; NOBODY else would
> have skunks BUTT YOU!!! I never have bothered with Bureaucrats-And I never
> will...

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