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That's funny, my African zorillas(zorro) stripes turned bright orange as soon as I got him...
  He only lived for 5 years, and no veterinarian would touch him... Maybe he turned orange because he had a strange yearning for pumpkin pie!!!
  And about Arizona's laws,well, kiddo, you're on your own.Different states have different laws on the books-some quite inane;others quite hilarious. 
  Of course I could give you the # for African Zorillas but, they are quite$$$$...  

Laura Frahm <laurafrahm at> wrote:
I live in Arizona and had a pet skunk which I bought in 1986. She was
shipped to Tucson and we got her from there. Bought her from someplace in
Missouri, I do believe. Rosebud (we named her) lived nine years and was a
wonderful pet. She was brown with a champagne stripe. I would like to have
another skunk but was told we can't have them in Arizona anymore. Do you
know anything about this and how do I find out? We had a exotic animal vet
for her and she had a diet like a cat, loved grapes, cashews, etc. She used
the litter box along with the cats and got along with them fine. We never
caged her and she went with me in the car all the time. I want another

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Thanx Shelor,you're a real peach...You really "Do" know EVERYTHING!!!
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> Where the is Ruby's and do they sell other animals besides skunks???
Ruby's is in New Sharon Iowa. The last time I was there they had foxes and 
badgers as well as skunks. They MAY still have Llamas, but no longer have 
bears and cougar....those were Lawrence's special projects.


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