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I am glad you were able to find someone helpful...

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Thanks for your help; we were able to have them relocated with the help of Its very refreshing to know that there
are others that care about nature and wildlife.

Stay Healthy,
Brad A. Hart, MS, CSCS

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I believe that skunks are illegal in Texas.
You may want to find a rehabber in the area... Try the Texas Wildlife
Rehabilitation Coalition However,
they will not take an animal if they fear rabies - they will refer it to be
killed and tested...
Marcy WV

"Brad A. Hart" 
I have a friend who has captured 7 baby skunks in Irving, Texas; no mother
skunk around. Do you have any resources in the Irving area that can help
relocate the skunks? Contact number if needed is 972-668-4207. Thanks for
your help and keep up the good work.

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