SK: New to the list...

Megan Pike megan.e.pike at
Mon Jun 11 06:06:40 PDT 2007

Hello and greetings from Cincinnati!  I am new to the list and new to having
a pet skunk.  We just got him from a local breeder about a week ago and the
little guy is getting huge!  I do have a question.  His stools seem to be a
bit runny, which could be b/c we still have him on formula.  I was going to
transition him to whole wheat baby cereal and some sweet potato baby food
this week, but do you have any other suggestions?  I was also thinking about
de-worming.  I've sent in our application for our license (all you need in
Ohio), but haven't gotten it back yet and am worried about waiting for a vet
appointment.  What do you guys think?

Also, this is cute.  We were getting concerned about potty training because
he just didn't seem to really like his litter box.  He would stomp and get
out immediately, but did use it frequently.  Well, we found out he was using
his crate as a litter box b/c we had a puppy pad in it.  So we filled it
with litter last night and he loves it!!  Went to the potty all by himself
three times in it so far.  Odd.


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