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> she had a diet like a cat,

We have learned over the last 30 years that catfood is the worst thing to 
feed skunks.  80 to 90% of their diet should be raw vegetables, with EVERYTHING 
else falling into the remaining percentage.....low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat 
yogurt, high fiber cereals, cooked chicken, turkey or fish, a small amount of 
fruit occasionally, a boiled egg a week.....they're easy to feed healthily.

Stripes should be blindingly white.  Yellowing is usually caused by a 
roundworm infestation.  They should be dewormed monthly with a dogwormer with the 
active ingredient PAMOATE PYRANTEL.  Other wormers are either ineffective or 
dangerous.  The SKUNK dosage is one teaspoon per 5 lbs of weight....divide or 
multiply as needed, given monthly.  (The dosage on the label is for dogs!)

There IS the very rare skunk who's stripes aren't white, but they are few and 
far between.  Personally, I've seen two in 20 years of working with skunks 
and they WERE beautiful!


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