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Wed Jul 25 22:36:33 PDT 2007

Yes, go ahead and use any of the info I sent. Like Randy, I ask that you  
leave my name off of it. I have found literally dozens of web pages that discuss  
the development of the oral rabies vaccine bait here in the USA, dating back  
from 1999, to last year, 2006. The latest pages discuss the steps being taken 
to  refine the oral vaccine to be more effective on skunks. Below are a few 
of  them.
_NWRC  - Controlling Wildlife Vectors of Bovine Tuberculosis and  
Rabies--Rqbies_ (  
_Oral  efficacy of an attenuated rabies virus vaccin...[J Wildl Dis. 2002] - 
PubMed  Result_ 
_Jefferson,  biotech firm researchers test new rabies vaccine - Philadelphia 
Business  Journal:_ 
_ScienceDaily:  Jefferson Researchers Building A Better Rabies  Vaccine_ 

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