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> development of a rabies vaccine for skunks.

There is's Imrab3, made right here in Georgia.  The testing was all 
done years ago.  "All" we have to do is get the word SKUNKS on the label and 
we're there, but that has proven VERY difficult, twice.  There have been 
petitions with thousands of names presented to the company and before they could do 
anything, other people have made unpleasant waves and ticked the company off.  
Reportedly the petitions have been destroyed....I don't know.

Though rehabbers do it openly, it is illegal to innoculate wildlife by most 
state laws and since we haven't succeeded (or even tried?) in getting 
distinction written in law between WILD and DOMESTIC skunks.......technically it's 
illegal for us to innoculate our own animals.
That is a hurdle that needs addressing before we can hope to succeed
in getting an approved Rabies vaccine for our skunks.

Canada has been baiting for Rabies for years and has almost obliterated it 
from their wildlife......the Imrab3 success rate is 98%...
and the last I heard, ours, which the FDA approves and the law requires that 
we give dogs and cats, has a success rate of 70% I believe.  Does THAT make 
you feel safe?


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