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Dear Sirs:
My name Is John R Gank, I  live In West Virginia.  Can you please tell me how 
to contact Skunk  breeders?  Also, how do I go about obtaining my permit to 
own my  Skunk?  Thank you for your help.
John R  Gank
randythelifter at  

_No  Importation or Pet Permits Issued For Raccoon, Fox or Skunk in West  
Virginia _ (  
The above is a link to the page in the West Virginia DNR policy regarding  
pet skunks. The best hope to have skunks reinstated as pets seems to be the  
development of a rabies vaccine for skunks. See this link: _Aspen Skunk Rabies 
Research,  Inc_ (   
for information on efforts to try and have this vaccine developed.
I am wondering if there is a college or university that would be willing to  
develop the vaccine as one of their research programs, as rabies is major  
concern in this country and internationally at this time. Baits are being  
developed and refined to orally vaccinate wild skunks and racoons, perhaps this  
technology could be used to create a vaccine for our pet skunks.

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