SK: I have a question

Jenna Jardim jjardim at
Thu Jul 19 11:24:09 PDT 2007


My name is Jenna. I live in San Diego California (an unfortunate state
for any wild animals). I have been feeding a family of raccoons which
started last year and has happily continued this year. I noticed that
this time I have a pair sometimes three little skunks that come over and
beat the raccoons to their dinner. I put out ferret food, red grapes and
shelled peanuts (not salted just roasted). These little guys will just
sit there and eat and eat until I swear I will hear a popping sound from
them exploding. Is this normal? And if it is why do they do this? One
looked like it ate itself into coma; it appeared to be sleeping right
where it was eating. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The little
boogers I think are trying to get into by security screen because I have
seen little muddy paw prints on the sides. I guess they smell the ferret
food and want to come in for more. They are really cute. They are black
with the white strip that pairs off and goes up to this huge tail. They
look like they weigh about 2 pounds and the tail about 40. They look
like they are going to topple over with that huge tail. By the way what
does skunk fur feel like? I just want to go out there and pet them. I am
totally intrigued by these little guys. I wish I could keep both the
raccoon and the skunks, but in my state they want to kill everything.

Please let me know if the ferret food and the shelled peanuts are at
least ok for them because I definitely don't want anything to happen to

Thanks for all of your time and everything you do for our little


Jenna M. Jardim


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