SK: Skunks As Pets 2007 Show Hotel Reservations Update

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Fri Jul 13 15:11:55 PDT 2007

Please cross post.

Some of you are still having trouble making hotel reservations. I'm told the 
386-672-0990 direct hotel number is frequently busy, and is only good untill 4 
PM, after which, you are forwarded to the Central Reservation System, where 
you might as well be talking to the moon.

The LaPlaya sales manager, Carene Darcy has stepped in to help. If you can't 
get through on the hotel number, or if you are forwarded to the central 
system, hang up and call Carene directly. Her office number is 386-944-0220. If you 
wish to call after regular business hours, her home office number is 
800-498-3292. You may also leave a message on either of these numbers, and she will 
personally return the call and book your reservation.

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