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Hi Vicky,
My skunk that I had we got from a ranch in Missouri in 1996  and had her
brought to Tucson.  She was called Rosebud and lived 10 years. She was
brown. She had two Manx cats for room mates and they got along great.  They
all passed from old age.  I just called GAME AND Fish here and they said the
black and white skunks are against the law here and if I wanted the brown
ones and kept them in he saw no problem as long as I had my papers.  I would
get the skunks (2) from Ruby Farm.  Everyone has different ideas on how to
raise them as well as people have different ideas about their children.  It
is interesting to read everyone's opinions about the subject. I am going to
check more on the rules and be sure before I get them.  My love for animals
is more important than me having the skunks if I am not suppose to.  The
different diets are interesting, also.

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Yep, Ruby Farm is the best place, I work at the university of Ga and we
always get ours from them. I wish you well, how old was your baby? Have a
blessed day Vicki
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