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I joined this site as I had a pet skunk who passed away from old age.  I am
wanting to get another or perhaps two, so they will have company.  I wanted
to see if there were any ways to make sure they were healthy as the one I
had was.  I found the place in Iowa to perhaps get them from.  I live in
Arizona and have family who go that way every year so that would work out.
The information on the proper diet is very confusing.  I have an exotic vet
here so I guess I will follow his advise.  If you have any suggestions email
Thanks, Lori

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I have worked with all kind of critters for over 38 yrs,from the Great Apes
to mice. I've been blessed with working with some of the most famous Vets,
along with people from all over the world. 90% of my friends are animal
lovers,we share story's and help each other out, if one gets sick or the
loss of one.I thought this site would be one to meet friends and to help
each other and not to condem.I have never seen this type of childess
behavior among animal lovers! I live by- if you don't have anything nice to
say, well keep your mouth shut.It would be so nice too have peace. Welp have
a blessed one. Hope all critters are well
"Life is like a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only
spend it once."

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