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cocorific cocorific at
Sat Jul 7 15:08:21 PDT 2007

Mr. Echols, why must you resort to the nasties whenever someone expresses an
idea opposite of your own?   A person with true knowledge is willing to
share it and do so in a friendly manner.  If someone cannot express them
self without resorting to name calling and insults then they must not have
any true knowledge that would be of use to anyone.
Do tell us, Timothy, about your skunks and how long you have had them?  Are
they healthy?  By a vets standards not yours.  I would love to know what
makes you an expert on skunks.  I have tried to get as many opinions as
possible over the last ten years in respect to skunk care.
I had the opportunity to get a skunk back in '99 but a change in bylaws made
them illegal where I lived.  So I did what was best for the skunk and
waited.  Now I live where they are legal, yes it took awhile, but I finally
have two skunks and they are safe from confiscation.  I would hope anyone
who truly loves animals would not put their personal wants ahead of the
welfare of an animal.
As far as not having a mind of my own...mister, you really don't know me!!
And I will say it again, I am eternally grateful to Shelor for her part in
my dream come true.
Timothy, why not just be happy for someone else?!

On 7/7/07, TIMOTHY ECHOLS <timleonyx at> wrote:
> Dear corcoraholic or something;
> We all "KNOW" how knowledgeable Ms. skunk Lady is, but "good grief";
> If we all took her defeatist,depressing advice-No one would be on this
> website!!!
> Develop a mind of your own, why don't you???
> * *

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