SK: Overweight skunk

Christophe Quentin cmquentin at
Wed Jul 4 07:35:20 PDT 2007

Your response was very informative but now it makes me question the diet that my vet gave me.  When we adopted our skunk, she was on a diet of vegetables, lean meats, yogurt, raisins, eggs, etc.  When the vet saw her she wanted me to change her whole diet.  She said that our skunk could have the occasional 3 raisins or yogurt but that we should make her diet consist of ferret food.  She said that dog food doesn't have enough taurine for skunks and cat food had a little but not as much as ferret food.  In addition, the food was a good balance of all the nutrients she needed for healthy development.  Moreover, we could not match the healthy ingredients with the proper balance of nutrients and fiber for her diet. 
Ever since we have changed to this food, our skunk's stool has been healthy and she has been more active.  I think it's a good choice, but I'm curious to see your take on the food.  The new diet is certainly a lot easier for us because we don't have to think about what we're giving her food-wise.  But is the change a good one?  Should we supplement her diet with other goodies?
Also:  how do you increase the activity that the skunk should have?  The previous owner told us about the bottle with holes she plays with and our vet discussed with us that we should hide food under plastic cups.  What other suggestions might you propose?
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