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Yes and no more fried eggs.  An occasional boiled egg might be ok.
Give her a good cat vitamin and foods such as boiled/baked chicken, a good quality,  natural, low protein chicken dog food, and plenty of fresh veggies.  Avoid starchy foods such as corn, peas, potatoes, pasta, etc.  I would only give her fruits once a week.  
If you have trouble getting her to eat healthy foods add a little "Touch of Butter" spray.

Overweight skunks like to sleep a lot.  Try to keep her active.   If you have trouble with that, fill your bathtub with water and let her swim for a few minutes every day.
It might be wise to get her blood profile done too.

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  On Saturday I adopted a beautiful, blonde skunk.  She has been eating a diet
  consisting of a lot of cucumbers and fried eggs.  She looks like a ball on
  feet.  Will a simple change in diet take off the excess weight?  She is very
  sweet but I think she feels I am depriving her by not supplying the diet she
  is used to.  She has eaten very little, I think my baby skunk eats more than
  she does.  Advice would sure be appreciated...
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