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Oh yeah?  Try telling the Wildlife Officer that while they are trapping your pet and carrying it out like Hannibal Lecter.  Anyone who loves the breed will not risk this.  I gave up a chance to have a nice home in Tennessee because of this. And how do you propose someone get their skunk adequate routine medical care in a state where no vet will touch them?
  There is a whole other breed of person though,  who just want something different they can 'show off', if that is the case there are plenty of heartless scumbags on e-Bay that have mounted stuffed skunks for sale.  That is pretty much the way a pet skunk in an 'illegal' state ends up.  Sorry, not worth the risk!  Oh another thing - for anyone who wants to risk the head of this animal, you can be assured that you will tell someone, kids especially will tell someone, and it WILL get back to the wrong ears. Everyone has a neighbor that doesn't like them.  There are people who live to create problems unfortunately.  There also seems to be more of them than us!  THINK ABOUT IT!!
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No, (and not shouting) we are talking about the life of precious skunks, 
desired in illegal situations above their safety. That's a BAD thing.

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