SK: legal?

TIMOTHY ECHOLS timleonyx at
Sun Jan 21 06:28:30 PST 2007

  For those who question the legality of owning skunks...
  Some states specifically state that owning a striped skunk(Mephitis mephitis) is illegal but say nothing about owning the spotted skunk(Spilogale putorius) or the hog-nosed skunk. 
  Also, you could try dual residency in different states as a legal out.
  And if ALL you want is a black-n-white pet, get an African zorilla(Ictonyx striatus)-It is not in the skunk family at all-But an exotic,expensive($1,200 on sale) member of the weasel family!!!

Lori Wilson <lilkismet73 at> wrote:
  I am still having trouble finding out if a pet skunk is legal where I live. Some people say yes and some no. I even heard it depended on what county I lived in. I want my pet to be safe ( and never taken ) I just need to know before I get her, I'm not sure how to research this. can someone help? I live in Wainwright OK ( Muskogee county) thank you.

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