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I live in the middle of Oklahoma City.
I have had people tell me skunks are illegal in Oklahoma also.  My daughter
was a raccoon breeder so we ask the wild life ranger.  He said they are
legal to breed in Oklahoma but you have to be licensed.
Illegal to have descented. So people won't take them out of the wild.  You
do have to have papers showing that you bought it from a breeder.  This is
very important.  The main thing is the less people that know about it the
better.  If is bites someone it is still a goner papers or not.  They are
not good around children.  They are very shy and don't like noise and
expensive to feed.
Mine stays in my house and never goes outside just because people are crazy
and don't know anything about them.  I have had mine for 4 years and he is
the best pet I have ever had.  Very sweet and lovable.  They are a full time
job though.  If you don't have the time to spend on them don't get one.
I don't take mine to the vet. they will try to give it a rabies shot and
they is not known vaccine for rabies for skunks.  I bought mine from Ruby's
Fur Farm in Iowa.  She will ship you one or you can do like we did and drive
and pick the one you want.  She has all the colors you could ask for.  They
are health and I ask my vet if mine could have rabies and he said the only
way is if something that had rabies bite him.  So that is why he doesn't go
outside.  They are diggers and will tear up your carpet if you let it.  I
use clear carpet runners to cover the carpet and put newspapers down then
his bedding that they like clean everyday to keep from smelling.  They love
a bath, but you have to watch from burning their skin.  I wash mine in baby
soap them put a lot of baby lotions (not baby oil) on him rub it in good
then rinse the rest off.  Makes his skin soft and makes him smell really
good also makes his fur shine.  You do have to keep them wormed.  If their
fur is yellow they have worms (the worms won't hurt them but they will kill
you).  They get worms from fleas so you have to check for fleas all the time
and keep them treated.  I have a recipe for skunky delight for the new
babies if you decide to get one.  They need lots of vitamins.  The first
time you buy the stuff to make this skunky delight the vitamins alone are
about $80.00.  They have to have fresh vegetables at every meal and ground
turkey meat that you can buy at Wal-Mart.
Hope this helps

---- Lori Wilson <lilkismet73 at> wrote: 
> I am still having trouble finding out if a pet skunk is legal where I live. Some people say yes and some no. I even heard it depended on what county I lived in. I want my pet to be safe ( and never taken ) I just need to know before I get her, I'm not sure how to research this. can someone help? I live in Wainwright OK ( Muskogee county) thank you.
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