SK: Im Going to be buying a Skunk as a pet Soon .

adrianne bauer celestial_bliss2003 at
Fri Jan 5 14:44:43 PST 2007

Thats Great!!
  One thing though, Skunks are a really big responsibility and they require a lot of time and energy. My stanly is a 24 hour a day job. He gets into everything and you must put child locks on every door and toilet for protection. Forget about having your garbage can on the floor once you get a little Fur Child, because that is out of the question. But, once you overcome the new changes, it is a wonderful experience. I had never had an animal i would call my child until i got my stanley.
  He is a beautiful chocolate and i got him as a rescue, but he originally came from Ruby Farms and was the littermate to my deceased skunkis, PePe LaPue. I would suggest you getting your from there too. 

"biltfoxxx44d at" <biltfoxxx44d at> wrote:
  And I was wondering What The Fancy colored ones cost ? Lavender is my favorite color . But they are all pretty colors I especially love the Chocolate ones . Also Where do I apply for an owners license in Indiana. of course any thing retaing to Mephit ownership will be use full such as Breeders .Web URLs or just some funny or cute stories abut the joys and pains of owning one of the bushy tailed little Darlings. I am 50 and a former dog owner she died of old age last year . I am finally ready to love a pet once more . I live alone and on government pension from the Military so can be home most of the time . Thanks to all of you Mephit owners for your feedback . P.S as I draw Animals , She will make a great model . Sincerely MoonShadow50 biltfoxxx44d at 
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