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Yes, it's true,I get a little emotional at times. For that I apologize. But I am NOT part of "The cattle herd" of life. I refused to be DICTATED to by the Ruling Class. And yes, too, I'm aware of some slick scientist trying to make a name for himself,kicking the skunks out of the weasel family-That I do not accept!!!If you smell an angry skunk, mink, or weasel; you will immediately identify the "family resemblance..."
  Just trying to educate-That's all... 
Still a fan of The Spotted(spooted) Skunks(Spilogale putorius)
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Great idea...I spend hours there's chock full of great 
sites on manners, spelling and punctuation, too. I don't find Spooted 
Skunks anywhere and I don't care about weasel laws 
since skunks haven't been in the same family for almost 10 years....
which is also all over the Internet. : )

Some states change their skunk laws and wildlife laws with the 
wind direction, have you not noticed?

Have a nice day! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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