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A couple of years ago the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources,  Division of Fish and Wildlife amended the rules pertaining to the Wild Animal Possession Permit.  This permit is required to possess a domestic skunk in Indiana.  Specific notable changes are:  1.  An application for the permit must be submitted and an approved permit issued  before the skunk is taken in to possession.  2.  The applicant must show that the animal was legally acquired by providing a receipted invoice, bill of lading, etc. must accompany the application.  3.  The application must be signed by a veterinarian or a health certificate must be attached stating that the skunk appears to be free of diseases and in good health.   For yearly renewals to your permit you must also have your vet sign the application stating that the skunk appears to be in good health and free of disease.  See entire codes here:

 I strongly urge everyone to please abide by these laws.   I believe that the DNR has been lax on enforcing these laws to give us time for the adjustment, but I'm afraid that the adjustment period is over.

I do realize that the rules are confusing.  If you have any questions please contact me privately (I very seldom read "Yahoo Group Lists" mail) and I will give you contact information for the licensing clerk.  

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