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> discourage EVERYONE from obtaining a skunk, just so she can 
> feel"special"...

LOL  AND WRONG AGAIN!!.....those of us who truly care about animals, 
discourage taking of WILD animals....ANY wild animal, especially those Threatened and 
Endangered.  Why someone would want to take on the health problems, physical 
problems, behavior problems and short lifespan of a wild skunk is beyond me.  
In my book, 12-15 years and beyond FAR OUTWEIGHS 2-4 years!  
Just my opinion!!  I've been owned by Domestic/Pen-raised skunks
for over 18 years.  : )

<<<< there has to be "legal-loopholes" somewhere on the law books... >>>>
That is putting personal desires above the health, safety and
well-being of animals.  It would be different if discovery took
place and the illegal animal in question was simply relocated and released, 
but USUALLY, they are confiscated and killed.
Certainly not my choice for showing love of animals.    

In regards to "ermine",  I'm sure a weasel would be interesting, but I'd also 
think that nothing in your home would be safe from
destruction.  Having an animal that is brown 3/4 of the year and white 1/4 
would definitely be fun for some.

For those interested, this site has two pictures 
of the Ermine, Summer and Winter
and some great information on them.

Make it a SPECIAL day!  : )


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